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I like slash... a lot- oh and sloths too!


Louis tomlinson painting inspired by ’ aerofarts ’ absolutely amazing animation of Louis and Zayn. (Go check it out!!)

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Is that deucalian or will guess we’ll never know

I am in the supernatural fandom but im not

This is just the third episode of the season and I want to cry already goddamn it


I think the reason as to why Ian chooses acts like being a psychopath or a murderer is because he likes playing himself. Period.

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How do dicks grow like do they just grow like plants omg

What Does It Feel Like?


Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Word count: 7,700+


Based on a true story.

Harry was an eighteen year old with a mother who hated him. Louis is his thirty two year old boyfriend. Harry had never thought that his mother would be the reason of his despair and misery.

But he had Louis to love him and take care of him, right?

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Jeff Davis: 'This might hurt'
Everyone in the fandom: NO SHIT YOU ASSHOLE
I hate Ian because I love him but he’s an asshole because he’s so pretty.